Welcome to FarmTable Cucina

“FarmTable Cucina offers one of my favorite styles of dining,” notes chef Michael Mina. “It’s casual, family-style with sharing plates and authentic dishes that combine the highest quality ingredients to bring flavor to every bite. This Italian-inspired style of dining is who FarmTable was always meant to be. It’s been an evolution and now we can celebrate and enjoy what we’ve become!”


Founder, LOCALE Market & FarmTable Cucina
Introducing Michael Mina, the award-winning celebrity chef whose philosophy on cooking is his philosophy on life: create balance and harmony. He started in the kitchen when he was very young, and is still as intrigued with the process as he was when he was a 15-year-old Garde Manger in a small French restaurant in his hometown.


Founder, LOCALE Market & FarmTable Cucina
Introducing Don Pintabona, former executive chef at Robert DeNiro’s Tribeca Grill in NY for more than a decade. A graduate of USF, he is most known for his culinary efforts after 9/11 to organize many of the best known chefs in New York to feed first responders and relief workers at ground zero.